11th International Aluminium Symposium

11th International Aluminium Symposium will be jointly organized by Turkish Aluminium Industrialists Association (TALSAD), TUBITAK Marmara Research Center and METEM-UCTEA Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers’s Training Center on October 12-14, 2023 at Istanbul Fair Center, Yeşilköy, Istanbul.

The symposium will take place at the same place and time with the ALUEXPO 2021 7th International Aluminium Technologies, Machinery and Products Trade Fair being organized by Hannover-Messe Ankiros Fair.

11th International Aluminum Symposium aims to bring together aluminum sector and the academia on the same platform to share scientific and technological developments that will shape the industry in an international environment in all its dimensions. The main objective of this symposium is to inform participants about the recent developments and provide a vision for the future of Turkey’s aluminium sector.