As the leading representative of the Turkish aluminium industry, TALSAD works for sustainable growth and development of the aluminium industry in local and regional markets, development and implementation of new and advanced technologies, implementation of good practices in health, safety and environment and works to develop strong local and international partnerships.

Turkish aluminium industry has been spread over a wide range of segments and industrial sectors including extrusion, rolling, casting, billet and ingot production, architectural and industrial applications including primary aluminium production. Turkish aluminium industry has achieved sustainable high growth rate over the last decade and therefore has strengthen its place in the world markets.

METEM (UCTEA Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers Training Center) was established in 2015 by the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (UCTEA) Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers, with the goal of supporting sectoral and social development by providing qualified scientific, technical and practical training and consultancy services to its associates and sector employees.

METEM organizes symposium, congress, exhibition, training and consultancy activities to serve sectoral and professional development.

Combining qualified know-how from the industry, universities and associates, METEM is a strong center of activity, working towards global integration by planning and developing national and international symposiums, congresses, conferences, seminars, etc., providing qualified scientific, technical and practical training and consultancy services, supporting sectoral and social development through its projects and leveraging collaboration on creating information, new initiatives, relations and opportunities.

TUBITAK MARMARA RESEARCH CENTER (TUBITAK MRC) The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Marmara Research Center (MRC), one of the research and development units of TÜBİTAK, was established in 1972. TUBITAK MRC carries out its activities with about 977 trained and experienced personnel on a pretty piece of land of 8 sq km (2000 acres) area in Gebze-KOCAELİ/TURKEY.

With the vision of “taking part among the leading science and technology centers of the world in the field of applied research” and the mission of “contributing to the development of Turkey’s competing power, using science and technology”, TUBITAK MRC looks forward to developing close relationship with Turkish industry. TUBITAK MRC’s most valued principles are customer-orientation and quality for carrying out projects and providing industrial services. All institutes and units of TUBITAK MRC received ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification in 2001. About 30% of all the tests and analysis carried out by TUBITAK MRC institutes were accredited by DAR/DAP in 2002 and since 2010 by TURKAK according to the standards of EN ISO/IEC 17025:2000 General Requirements for the Competence of Calibration and Testing Laboratories.

One of the most important objectives of TUBITAK MRC is to increase the self-sufficiency ratio in order to carry out its activities with its own resources.

TUBITAK MRC has 8 Institutes and related supporting Administrative Departments:
• Energy Institute (EI)
• Environment and Cleaner Production Institute (ECPI)
• Food Institute (FI)
• Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institute (GEBI)
• Chemical Technology Institute (CTI)
• Materials Institute (MI)
• Earth and Marine Sciences Institute (EMSI)
• Polar Research Institute (PRI)

TUBITAK MRC conducts successful projects towards industry by these seven institutes having rich infrastructure with well-developed devices and highly equipped laboratories. One of the highly considered values of TUBITAK MRC is the privacy policy which is essential for both collaborating with the industry and developing projects towards military services. 80% of that TUBITAK MRC’s projects are developed for the public sector and efforts are being made to increase the portion of the private sector. TUBITAK MRC believes that catching up with modern western communities will just be possible by increasing national competitive power, producing its own industrial technology. Detailed information about the research areas of all Institutes is accessible at