From The Beginning To Today “ALUS”

The first Aluminium Symposium was organized in 1994 jointly by the Turkish Aluminium Industrialists Association, Eti Aluminium Co. and the Chamber of Metallurgical Engineers at the Seydişehir Eti Aluminium Plant. The second symposium was held in collaboration with the same associations again at Seydişehir. After the privatization of Eti Aluminium Co., Aluminium Symposiums have been organized in Istanbul by the Turkish Aluminium Industrialists Association, TUBITAK Marmara Research Center and Chamber of Metallurgical Engineers.

In 2009, Hannover Messe Ankiros Fair Inc., the organizer of the ALUEXPO International Aluminium Technologies, Machinery and Products Trade Fair, joined the partnership and the symposium was organized concurrently with the fair. As of 2019, the symposium has switched to an international format and it has become an important platform where scientific and technological developments are presented and global trends in aluminium are shared.

Following this partnership, the symposium continued with full success with growing international participation. The symposium, keynote speakers, the presentations and publications are important part of this regional leading event of the Aluminium industry.