From The Chairman

Dear Sponsors, Executive Committee Members, Speakers, Participants and Supporting Organizations of ALUS,

The Aluminium Symposium was set out in 1994 with the aim of bringing the aluminium industry and academia together and adding new regional power to international symposia and scientific studies in the US and the EU. In the meantime, the symposium has become an important platform where scientific and technological developments are presented and global trends in aluminium are shared.

Due to its superior qualities such as flexibility, lightweight, impermeability, high conductivity and 100% recyclability, aluminium is one of the key contributors to sustainable development. At a time when natural resources are rapidly depleting, aluminium is an indispensable raw material for the industrial pillar of the concrete steps taken towards sustainability in the global arena. Aluminium is the material that meets the current and future needs of modern life without compromising the needs of our future generations. For this reason, its application areas are expanding day by day and becoming an integral part of our daily life from construction to packaging, transportation, defense industries and HVAC sector. Our symposium becomes even more significant, as the demand for aluminium increases day by day. In the 11th International Aluminium Symposium, where all aspects of aluminium will be studied, important industry representatives from around the world will attend this year as guest speakers, as many have in previous years. As a result of the efforts made with great devotion and diligence, it is also pleasing to see that our symposium has received international recognition and a rewarding reputation throughout these years.

I would like to thank the Executive Committee of the International Aluminium Symposium, the International Scientific Committee and the Advisory Board and the sponsors, who make the organization of this event possible every two years, for their invaluable contributions. I would also like to express my gratitude to our contributors for their valuable presentations.

This year, important industry representatives around the world will take part as guest speakers at the 11th International Aluminium Symposium, which will be held simultaneously with the ALUEXPO 2023, 8th International Aluminium Technology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair. With this symposium, which will cover all aspects of aluminium, we aim to share the scientific and technological developments that will shape the industry in an international environment as well as to create a vision for Turkey’s place and future in the aluminium world.

With the symposium organized by Turkish Aluminium Industrialists Association (TALSAD), TUBITAK Marmara Research Center (TUBITAK MRC), UCTEA Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineers Training Center (METEM) and Hannover-Messe Ankiros Exhibition, we will achieve this goal and we will continue to shape not only the present, but also the future of aluminium.

I sincerely thank all our stakeholders and supporters who have made important contributions to the organization of the 9th International Aluminium Symposium.

Best Regards,

Dr. Göksal GÜNGÖR
11th International Aluminium Symposium Executive Committee Chairman