• Sustainability, green deal and recycling
• World aluminium market, trade issues and future projections
• Aluminium production technologies
• Melting, Casting and Recycling of Aluminium
• Heat treatment and processing
• Extrusion, Rolling and Forming Processes
• New and Advanced Aluminium alloys
• Alumina production and Applications
• Industrial applications of Aluminium
• New technologies and new products /markets
• Work Safety, Security and Environment


Presentation and Poster sessions will be available during the Symposium. The submitted papers will be evaluated by the International Scientific Board and the papers found in accordance with the publication criteria will be published in the Symposium Proceedings Book.

The scientific committee will decide articles to be published in the Conference Proceedings, Oral presentation and poster session presentations, based on the guidelines

Paper Submission Deadlines

Deadline for Abstracts: 10 May 2023
Deadline for Full Manuscripts: 21 July 2023

Paper Submission

The full text of ALUS'11 Papers will be send to info@alusist.com via e-mail.